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Manage your risk of
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Electricity prices can spike more than 10,000% during peak times. Are you managing your risk?

Let our energy experts guide you through your bill and your options. We offer a holistic approach to load management that lets you start where you want, and offload as much of the complexity as you’d like. We can even integrate with legacy control systems to automate your load control.


Case Study: Genan

Genan, the world's largest mechanical tire recycler, saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs in four months! 

During the 2021 Texas freeze, businesses, including Genan, dealt with massive bills due to skyrocketing real-time prices based on the grid. That's when the company doubled down on demand management with the aid of Ndustrial. 

We helped Genan automate the process to create efficiencies during peak period as much as possible. We installed a system that receives real-time rate signals from the grid operator and compare those to threshold limits for each part of Genan's process.  An IoT edge device can send a request to shut down equipment to curtail energy usage when it is the most expensive.


+ Saved $20,000 in one day

On July 9, 2022, the spot price surpassed $4K/MWh. By automatically curtailing certain processes above $120-$150/MWh, Genan saved $20,000 in one day! 


+ Sustainable practices 

By shifting demand away from high-taffic times, Genan has outsized impact on carbon emissions (while saving money). That's a win-win for Genan and the planet.


+ Earned revenue 

Future efforts will layer demand response onto the solution architecture, allowing Genan to earn revenue for their demand management program.